Ang Maliit na Kalabaw
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“Kalabaw” is portrayed as a lovable creature, almost irresistible in the opening pages wearing a summer hat with the bigger carabaos sporting a lei and flowers on the head. None of the wallowing in the mud stereotype.
The story focuses on the small carabao who exhibits such good manners. It knows exactly what to say when crossing the path of chicks, awaits his turn for his bath, shares the grass on the field, and even apologizes when he crashes into a basket of eggs. What a painless and entertaining way to teach basic courtesy.
It must be said that the book’s special charm lies in the playful and whimsical paper cutout art that is a Flores’ trademark."

By: Neni Sta. Romana Cruz    
Philippine Daily Inquirer, March 15, 2021
The printed book
Peek-A-Book: Children's Book Illustrations by 13 Women Artists
Pasilyo Victorio Edades Gallery, Cultural Center of the Philippines, 24 March to 6 May 2018
Mabait at magiliw sa lahat ang maliit na kalabaw!
The little carabao is kind and friendly to everyone!
A follow-up to Ang Mabait na Kalabaw
ISBN: 978-971-508-717-9
Published: 2018
Language: Filipino (Tagalog)
Age Recommendation: 0+
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